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How-dee-do, I'm Rhee.

My father gave me a manual film camera when I was 12.  I took it to sleepovers, to school, and annoyed my parents with random surprise click-bys when they weren't suspecting it.  Then I took it to college, and annoyed my hall mates and random sorority girls taking photos for the yearbook.  Not that I really took it seriously.  Gosh darn it, I was going to be a writer, the camera was just for fun!

A decade later, blessed with a published book and a lucrative writing career, I realized that as much as I loved writing comedy, and TV and radio ads, and other assorted silly stuff, I'd rather be telling my stories visually.  So how does a storyteller earn a living with her camera?  Weddings!

My weddings have been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Ceremony, Today's Bride, the Knot magazine, Bride’s magazine and other wedding related magazines, as well as Susie Coelho’s book, Style Your Dream Wedding.  I was named one of the top 100 wedding photojournalists of the year internationally by the WPJA in 2006 and 2008, earning top ten spots with images "as is" out of the camera, with no retouching.  And my images were chosen in Bride’s magazine’s contest for the best wedding images in the country for both 2008 and 2009.  Then I got too busy to enter any more contests!

I'm an active member in Professional Photographers of America, and a not-as-active-as-she-should-be member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.  Yeah, I know, they gave me awards, you'd think I'd be a better member, huh.

When I have time, my personal work usually revolves around cinema stills for independent films, street photography, stuff that gives me theh feels, pro sports once they know I won't sell the images, vibrant colors on random things, and quirky signs - and of course my goofy pre-teen son and Baschund (half Basset and half weiner dog), and the handsome hubby if he lets me.  

(and yep, that's me as a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding, crouched down in my full length dress and 3 inch heels, to get a shot of her  and her new hubby Trev during sunset - with Kelvin on top of the hill shooting from above! Trev thought it was so funny he had to get a shot of me on his cell!)


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