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Independent films wanted!

A few years ago, I had the daunting task of capturing both behind the scenes and during shooting of the film Fruitvale Station.  At the time, it was an independent film, so not much budget wise, but it was a wealth of opportunity to see what it was like to be a stills shooter.  I LOVED it.  It meshed perfectly with my cinematic storytelling style, and how I love capturing emotion and beauty on the fly. 

I only had one 12-hour shift, and wasn't the main stills shooter, but was shocked when my stills were the ones that showed up again and again online as the director Ryan Coogler (yup, that's my shot!) and the cast were rightfully gaining tons of attention for their work.  First Sundance, then distribution agreement, and now Ryan and Michael B Jordan are firmly gaining A status in the film world (uh, hello, Black Panther?).

Here are the shots I took, followed by screenshots where I've found them posted online.  And a few extra shots I've thrown in for fun.

If you are a film director, I'm interested in helping you with your project.  I need to get back on set!