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So, who's who around here?

First, there was Rhee...

I’m a total goofball, a Ninja photographer, a killer bustle-the-dress-on-the-spot-er, a silly face maker. I’m obsessed with tea, skit comedy, Neil deGrass Tyson, geologic forces and organic food (in other words, a goofball-hippie-nerd). A happy wife of Paul, devoted daughter of God*, and proud mom to a funny and sweet kid, and a half-dog/half-snuggleblanket named Fender.

My weddings have been featured in lots of magazines, blogs and even a book!  I was named one of the top 100 wedding photojournalists of the year internationally by the WPJA in 2006 and 2008, earning top ten spots with images "as is" out of the camera, with no retouching. I'm an active member in Professional Photographers of America, and a not-as-active-as-she-should-be member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.  Yeah, I know, they gave me awards, you'd think I'd be a better member, huh.

(and yep, that's me as the MOH in my SIL's wedding, crouched down in my full-length dress and 3-inch heels, to get a shot of her and her new hubby Trev during sunset - with Kelvin on top of the hill shooting from above! Trev thought it was so funny he had to get a shot of me on his cell!)


Then there was Kelvin...

You could say that Kelvin was brought up in a darkroom! His father owned a photo lab, and Kelvin followed in his father’s footsteps in in the ‘90s. Know how, as kids, our chores were usually to mow the lawn or put away the dishes? Not Kelvin. His chores were, “Go print that 8x10” or “Develop those rolls of film”!!!

Although I kid him that he shoots like a girl, Kelvin brings his own wonderful brand of maleness to, let’s face it, a very feminine event. Grooms love hanging out with him, and are usually relieved when they realize how down to earth and funny he is.

He never eats wedding cake, loves driving aimlessly in his WRX along country roads, lets Rhee make funny noises behind him to get the ringbearers to look at the camera, wrinkles up his nose at the smell of coffee, has a laugh that fills the room, is totally unflappable, and has the sweetest wife in the world (you may meet her if she assists us!).


And Kimmy & Karla...

We're blessed to have two strong ladies behind the scenes. Karla is our shooting assistant, always at the ready with a flash, a battery, or a bobby pin. And Kimmy is our post production maven, making colors pop and spot-on crops.

* love is love, all faiths and couples welcome!

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